Last WOD…3/27/14

Well folks, this is it. Today is officially the last day that we will be doing a WOD in the old building. We are going to do our best to make it an extra memorable one, so in order to find out what it is you will actually have to show up because there is nothing to see tonight. Also, to add another twist, each class will have a different WOD. If you’re feeling extra motivated, maybe come to more than one class and get in some extra work.
Last year some time, when he first caught wind that we were thinking about moving, Hamilton said that we could not do it until he did a handstand walk from the big bay door, across the floor, and around the big column at the other end of the floor. Well, after a year of trying…and failing…he FINALLY did it tonight. Here he is in mid-walk:
photo 15 e1395882804616

Thankfully, we can go ahead with the move!

people working out in a group fitness class


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