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After last nights post about the USA Weightlifting Course that is coming to CFG the first week of May (read more here), it brings me great pleasure to announce the next program offering at our box –

CFG Barbell

This will be a separate program from our regular CrossFit and CrossFit Kids offerings. We will focus on bettering you all at two things: the snatch and clean & jerk.

We will wear singlets.

We will enter weightlifting competitions.

We will lift heavy barbells from the ground to overhead.



Ok, seriously though, we will give you guys the option of competing if that is your desire. The perfection of technique through skills and drills, video analysis, and accessory movements are a big part of this program. Another big part? Lifting heavy weights. There will be no WOD or “met-con.”

There will be a couple of options for those of you that are members to get in on this:

1) If you have an unlimited membership, you may come at no additional cost

2) If you have a 3x per week or a high school membership, you may pay an additional $30 to come to unlimited Barbell classes

I know some of you have mentioned that you have friends that have no interest in doing CrossFit (insanely incomprehensible, I know), but would love a purely weightlifting offering. Well we have something for that too – unlimited CFG Barbell classes can be attended for just $100 per month.

If you’re not sure if this is something you’d enjoy, or maybe you’re unsure of how you’d integrate this program into your regular CrossFit schedule, just ask ME! I will be doing all of the programming and coaching of this program.

I know the big question will be: when will these classes start and when will they be held? Well that depends. What I need from you all is to vote:

a) Wednesday & Friday (6pm)

b) Wednesday (6pm) & Saturday (8am)

As of right now, those are the available time slots. As the program develops, we will add additional times to the schedule.

Last thing, and this is a biggie – we need a logo for CFG Barbell. 3…2…1…GO!


(Check for WOD post here)

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