Another Staff Member, This One Bringing Along A Rowing Clinic!

Over the years, its been an absolute pleasure to introduce you all to new members of the CrossFit For Glory staff.
Growing careers is an integral part of my vision for the gym, so I plan to continue these introductions as time goes on. While I do know quite a bit in the realm of health and fitness, CFG is unique because we are surrounded and supported by people that know far more than me in their specific niches. Look back at our staff page and you’ll see what I mean.
Today, I am going to let this person introduce themselves AND tell you about a sweet rowing clinic they will be hosting on Saturday, September 23rd @ 11:00am. For what it’s worth, we have to limit it to 7 people…so you better get on board quickly!
Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Andrew Edlund!
“I am an on-the-water trained former competitive collegiate rower and an all-around rowing geek. I have always been drawn to sports where the objective is to learn a specific movement and practice that movement to reach maximum efficiency and effectiveness. I have never really been too interested in team sports where the objective is to get a ball into a goal. As a child, I dabbled in Baseball and Soccer but neither really grew into a passion for me. My first real interest in sports was when I competed in High School Track & Field, in the Shot Put and Discus events. My love for the single movement sport was born.
My passion for rowing was sparked when I sat in a shell (boat) for first time freshman year at SUNY Maritime College in ’95. The rowing bug bit me then and I have been infected ever since. I rowed my 4 years of college and was an Assistant Coach my last year. Since graduating in ’00, I have satisfied my rowing fix on my Concept2 rower grinding it out in my garage and more recently, recreationally on the water with local rowing clubs here in the Tampa area.
I haven’t found an activity to rival my passion for rowing until I started at CrossFit for Glory in summer of ‘14. Rather than learning and practicing one specific movement, such as the rowing stroke, I found that CrossFit offers countless movements to practice and improve upon. Because of my interest in the single movement sports, I’m somewhat of a stickler for form and technique rather than speed and being on top of the leaderboard. I believe the speed will come with progress in the technique.
Since being known as “The Rowing Guy” and happily sharing my love for the rowing stroke with whomever asks for pointers and tips on how to better their stroke, I decided to make it official and become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Concept2 certified coach.
Since I am an on-the-water trained rower who has come into the CrossFit world, I have noticed countless similarities with the movements taught at the box compared to what I learned 20 years ago in the boat. I plan to take those similarities and reverse it to take your knowledge of CrossFit and tranCoaching For Glory it into the rower.”
And now, a word from Andrew about his upcoming Rowing Clinic:
“My introductory course is Rowing Foundations. Through discussion, demonstration and drills, participants will learn the proper sequence of the rowing stroke, how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of power application, rowing for calories vs. meters, common faults and how to prevent them, strategies for CrossFit and how to attack rowing WODs. Participants will also learn general maintenance and care for the Concept2 Rower.
In addition to Rowing Foundations and any future courses offered, feel free to test my love for talking all things rowing and drop in to the 5:30am class. I will happily critique your stroke and show you some pointers on maximizing effectiveness.”
What are you waiting for? The link to sign up is here…tick tock, tick tock!

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