Why Weightlifting Won’t Ruin Your CrossFit

“From the beginning, the aim of CrossFit has been to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness … In sum, our specialty is not specializing.”  
While this description of CrossFit by Greg Glassman may be true, as a non-CrossFit athlete it is plain to see that CrossFit athletes are constantly striving to perfect (or dare I say “specializing” to perfect) particular movements or exercises in order to lift heavier loads for greater distances and at higher speeds.  
Unfortunately, some CrossFit exercises require a bit more than your own grit and determination to perfect: I’m talking about WEIGHTLIFTING!  Spending time with a coach can make a huge impact on your overall training goals.
Did you know that before Mat Fraser became a four-time CrossFit champion he was a competitive weightlifter?  Were you also aware that Fraser’s training partner and three-time CrossFit champion Tia-Clair Toomey ALSO competes as a weightlifter?  I mention this for three reasons: 
(1) having specialized in weightlifting certainly helped Fraser transition into CrossFit and transform himself into a beast; 
(2) the only way Toomey could have risen to such a high level in competitive weightlifting is to devote more time to specializing in the snatch and clean & jerk; and
(3) clearly, focusing more of her training on weightlifting did not hurt Toomey’s CrossFit performance because after winning gold in her weight class for Australia in the Commonwealth Games in 2018, she turned around and won 1st place in the CrossFit Games later that year!
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Whatever doubts or fears you may have in shifting your training focus exclusively to weightlifting – even if it is simply the dread you feel at the thought of messing with your CrossFit routine – understand that the human body craves monotony because it can adapt and settle into complacency. 

Complacency is the enemy of progress.

And, yes, even accepting the complacency of imperfect movement during your CrossFit WODs can delay progress toward your fitness and performance goals!
My challenge to you is to make a conscious effort to refine your weightlifting technique.  There are a couple effective ways you can do this here at CFG:
(1) join barbell club for at least a month (two is better, three is optimal); and/or
 (2) sign up for the weightlifting course being offered in March.  A few things may happen when you do so. One, you may love weightlifting so much (like me and those already in barbell club!) that you decide to join for the long term and maybe even decide to compete!  Second, you definitely will walk away having made improvements in weightlifting technique. Third, depending on your current fitness and performance status, you also can gain greater flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, power, and mind-muscle connection.  Fourth, I bet you end up feeling like a better, all-around athlete!
If you have any questions at all about the weightlifting program, contact Coach Gene at 813.480.2664 or at gene@crossfitforglory.com
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