Why I’m Doing the CFG 28-Day Nutrition Challenge

As the owner of a gym, people make the assumption that I’m on point and face no struggles (or have perfect mechanisms for battling them) when it comes to exercise and nutrition. But that couldn’t be further from the truth – after all, I’m only human. 2018 was a challenging year, in many good ways, but challenging nonetheless. I shared this on a recent episode of our podcast, but the challenges that I faced became blessings in disguise because I suddenly felt even more relatable to each of our clients near and far.


Everyone has their reasons why their health and wellness aren’t at the top of the priority list – family obligations, work requirements, kids activities, holidays…the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, we all allocate time and money towards the things that we deem most important to us. 2018, especially over the summer when Jesse spent time battling for his health, is a year where I started to place my health and wellness lower on the priority list. I found that I would rather choose to work longer hours to be more productive for my businesses. I chose to spend more leisure time with my family instead of heading to the gym too. And these are not bad things – please don’t get the wrong idea. And I’m certainly not saying this to get sympathy. But what I am is self-aware. I knew, consciously, that I was making these decisions.


Where I undeniably fell off the wagon the most was with my nutrition. Now, I didn’t start slamming Mickey D’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was the little things that added up – skipping breakfast, eating a late lunch with little protein, too much refined carbohydrates, and usually zero vegetables.


Here’s the hysterical part in all of this – while all of these things put together would seem like a perfect catalyst for me to change, it honestly wasn’t.


Then a few other things have taken place:

  • I haven’t “felt good” during any workouts in several months. Don’t take this to mean I haven’t been performing well (that’s beside the point), but rather I knew I was coming up short of what I should feel like. I’ve felt more winded and sluggish than I have in years.
  • I can see it in the mirror and feel it in my clothes. Things didn’t feel right here either.
  • And then the straw that broke the camels back: Last night (Wednesday 1/16/19) I did my InBody scan. My body weight and body fat are highest they’ve been in nearly 10 years. Muscle mass is the lowest its been in more than 10 years. Oh…and that weight gain I just mentioned – that has taken place JUST SINCE OCTOBER 2018!


Everyone has their reasons for walking into CFG that first time (or returning after a hiatus) with the tenacity to finally be the change they so desperately want to see in themselves. Trust me, I get it.


Well for me, that time is now. Self-awareness of your decisions is one thing. Making the decision to change and then actually following through on it? That’s where lives are changed.


Here’s the thing: its not just about the physical benefits of exercise and nutrition that I’m after. Its about the joy and happiness I receive from putting my best self out there.


So here are the reasons why am going to participate:


  • When I’m fit – I’m a better servant of God.
  • When I’m fit – I’m a better husband and father.
  • When I’m fit – I’m a better son and brother.
  • When I’m fit – I’m a better leader for CFG.
  • When I’m fit – I’m a better mentor for other businesses.
  • When I’m fit – I’m a better coach, writer, podcaster, video shooter, and picture hashtagger. Ok, maybe not that last one.


People don’t deserve a “less than” version of me. That’s not what God put me on this earth for. My best will vary from day to day. Yes, I will struggle. No, I won’t be perfect. But I will be making a conscious effort to make small, sustainable changes that add up to BIG improvements over the long haul.


A final thought: have you considered the irony of me writing this post yet? There is no lacking of knowledge inside of me to know exactly what I need to do.


I know exactly what I should be eating.
I know exactly what workouts I should be doing.
I know exactly what the social, psychological, and biological benefits of improved exercise and nutrition habits do for productivity in all aspects of life outside of the gym.


And yet, I’m not doing any of those things with regularity.


I’m choosing to do it alongside all over you for one reason – accountability. The accountability of a group of peers that are marching forward toward a common goal is beyond comparison when it comes to producing results that stick.


So starting today, I choose ME.


Will you choose YOU?


Will you commit to being your best self? I’d love the opportunity to walk alongside you.
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