What is Your Total?

In the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, weights are given in kilograms (aka kilos or KGs)…not pounds.
There’s even a sweet instagram handle “kilosnotpounds” out there!
Part of the fun in working with CrossFitters in weightlifting competition is watching them fumble around with the conversion from pounds to kilos.
For the unaware, 1 kilo is 2.2 pounds.
On Saturday morning, July 9th, we hosted our second mock weightlifting meet as a wrap up for folks that participated in the level 1 course. It’s a time for them to put to the test all the things we worked on over the previous 6 weeks.
It’s also a time for them to have fun making weight changes to their bar on the fly. We have a conversion chart on hand to make this a bit easier, but watching them figure out the necessary combinations of weights still provides us coaches plenty of entertainment.
Successful competition means you walk away with a “total,” which represents the sum of your greatest snatch and greatest clean and jerk of the day.

So I’m curious, what is YOUR total?

And it’s gotta be in kilos!

people working out in a group fitness class


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