What is Fitness? 7/20/12

I’m always fascinated by the vastly different responses I get when I routinely pose the question “What is CrossFit?” to others. It’s such a difficult thing to explain, even for me. Just this past weekend we were filming a commercial for our box and that question came up. And even knowing that it was coming, it was hard to prepare for. There are always so many things to try and explain, but the harder you try to cover everything, the more futile you realize your efforts become. Perfect example – you have all read up to this point thinking that I was about to give out some great philosophical answer, and yet, I’m not – haha!
What I really want to do is take you guys a bit further out of the ‘box’, so to speak, and away from CrossFit, if only momentarily. In the big picture of things, we do CrossFit to get fit, right? But what does that even mean? What is fitness…and WHO is fit?
I’d like you all to take about 8-10 minutes out of your daily grind and read this free article from the CrossFit Journal, entitled “What is Fitness?” It goes into exhaustive detail about why we do what we do and why it is so great at eliciting such phenomenal results. Of particular note is the review on the “cardio” aspect of what we do. I always love when people say to me, “well, I still need to do more cardio!” Really? I’ve got your cardio right here, and her name is [insert benchmark Girl’s name here].
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A. Skill:
Running Mechanics and 1RM Squat Clean
4 RFT –
7 Squat Clean @ 85% of above
14 Bar Facing Burpees
Run 200m
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