Welcome Coach Margaret!

A little over two weeks ago, we introduced one of our new coaches…Lowell, aka “Coach P.” Well, like I said in that post, CrossFit For Glory is growing and we are thrilled to be able to provide coaching opportunities to folks who desire to make this a career! Without further ado, please help me welcome another addition to our coaching stable, Margaret Clark. She’s made her way around to every class we have, but if you haven’t gotten the chance to workout with her yet, you’ve likely seen her name on the leaderboard…towards the top…usually a few rounds or minutes faster than yours truly! Her ability in “doing fitness” is only succeeded by her coaching prowess. Ok, enough from me, here are some words from Margaret herself:
“Hi – I’m Margaret Clark. My interest in sports and fitness began when I was young and continued on into middle and high school where I played basketball for my high school team. I received my degree from the College of Charleston, worked for Delta Airlines for 10 years and became a military spouse and a mother of two girls who both are competitive gymnasts. Many years were spent moving and traveling but through all the changes in my life, I have always been able to take my love of fitness with me. It was in Newport, RI in 2009 where I discovered my love for CrossFit. I had always been active. I enjoyed running and lifting, but CrossFit gave me the intensity in my workouts, friendly competition and camaraderie I missed from playing team sports. I was drawn to the high intensity, and diversity of the workouts. I moved to Tampa in 2010 where my passion for CrossFit and interest in helping others achieve their fitness goals led me to getting my CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2012. I spent 2 years coaching CrossFit classes and in the fall of 2014 joined CrossFit For Glory. In addition to my CrossFit level 1 certification I also hold a USA Weightlifting coaches certification as well as the Crossfit gymnastics trainer certification. Besides coaching, I also work as an office manager in a nearby preschool. I enjoy sharing my passion for CrossFit with others and am thankful that it provides me an opportunity to learn and grow as an athlete and coach.”
She’s been at it a long time, really understands how to coach all levels of people, and looks forward to working with each of you. You’ll see her shadowing some of the evening classes, so be sure to ask her lots of questions!


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