A. Skill:
Body Control 101, Part 2 –
1) Banded Muscle-Up Turnovers
2) Weighted Ring Dips – 5 x 3 (heaviest weight you can handle f/ 3 reps OR lightest band you can handle f/ strict reps. These can also be done on the parallel bars for beginners)
Calf Stretch – 3 x 30s ea leg
C. WOD: 6b8c3fd4e5a8f95121cc2d6a477847fe
With a 15min running clock:
For the first 5 minutes, EMOM –
10 Push Press (95/65)
10 Box Jump (24/20)
For the second 5 minutes, EMOM –
7 Push Press
7 Box Jumps
For the last 5 minutes, EMOM –
5 Push Press
5 Box Jumps
* RX+ will do 10 and 10 for ALL 15 minutes.
*If you cannot finish, your score will be the number of rounds you completed plus the extra reps. A “perfect” score would be ’15.’

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