A. Warm-Up:

  • Accumulate 1-1/2 minutes in L-Sit
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Jog

Hamstring and Calf Stretching
Sprint – 8 x 200m
Rest 1:2

This is only acceptable if its done as you cross the finish first place!
This is only acceptable if its done as you cross the finish line…in first place!

“The Why”:
A. Warm-Up –
The biggest take home here is this -> you’ve GOT to warm-up your lower body adequately, in particular your hamstrings and calves. If ever there were a workout where we’re going to see some people “pull-up” mid-sprint, it’ll be this one or something even shorter…right, Todd? Anyhow, take this seriously. At the end of the warm-up, if done right, you should be breathing heavy (even heavier than a Coach Jim warm-up) and feel a bit fatigued. This is a good thing.
B. Mobility WOD –
See above…
C. Main WOD –
On Monday, we tested your long duration aerobic capacity with a bunch of bodyweight movements. On Tuesday we tested your pure strength with overhead pressing. Today is all about your ability to produce maximal force for a very short time window. Sprints like these are just that – SPRINTS. There is no time for talking, no time for stopping, no time for walking. You should feel like dog crap when you cross the line. And please, don’t slow down before you reach the finish line…quitting early is still quitting! So why do you care about sprinting? Because the vast majority of you guys want to lose fat mass – and just like Monday did a good job of burning fat during a workout, very high intensity workouts like the sprints today do an even better job…because your body will be burning fat long after you leave the gym. So, lace up your shoes, double knot them, put your head down, and dust the person next to you. Be Usain Bolt:

people working out in a group fitness class


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