When Bacon Goes Bad...
When Bacon Goes Bad…

A. Warm-Up
B. Skill Work:
Today we’re going to set up 4 different stations where we’ll teach you some of the finer points of performing these movements efficiently: Deadlifts, Muscle-Ups, Toes 2 Bar, and Handstand Push-Ups.
At the start of class, after warm-ups, we’ll take you through some brief instructions at each station. Then, we’ll allow you twenty minutes of practice in whichever format you want.
If you don’t want to practice a certain movement, thats ok. If you want to make up your own WOD, thats cool too!
Today is all about letting you do what you want. One caveat – NO deadlifts less than 5 reps at a time, and they must all be touch and go.

people working out in a group fitness class


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