For those living under a rock, the CrossFit Games are officially under way right now! Later tonight at 8PM, WOD 13.2 will be released to much anticipation from the nearly 140,000 (!) people who registered to be a part of this thing. As I’ve said in the past, just being a part of the sheer excitement is half the fun. Heather recently forwarded me a blog post by a friend of hers that perfectly illustrates how cool it is to see your name appear, if even for a brief moment in time, right next to some of the super humans of our sport! Here is a short intro:
“The Crossfit Games have begun!!! Wahooooo!!!!!! Wait. What are the Crossfit Games? Since I’ve been crossfitting for three years you’d think I would know all about the games. I don’t. I never gave it a second thought until one cold Saturday morning, I sat with my iced Americano and I watched as the Level One trainers describe (apparently) a crossfit God:”
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A. Skill:IMG 8031
Snatch – 5×2, First Pull, 3-second Pause, Hang Snatch (TOK) + 1 Hi-Hang Snatch, heavier than last week
First Rib
10min AMRAP –
6 Deadlifts (225/185)
6 Hand Stand Push Ups

people working out in a group fitness class


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