In case you didn’t see the announcements last night, here they are again:
1. This upcoming weekend (10/5-10/6) is the Bay Area Beatdown, a CrossFit competition being held at the Fairgrounds. Two of your fellow CFG athletes, Heather Avery and Michael Grant, will be competing. In order to encourage people to come out and show their support, we will be closing the box completely on Saturday. Check out the link above for details. As we find out their WOD times, I will keep you all updated. We went to this competition last year and had an absolute blast. The more that come out, the merrier!!
2. On October 15th, we will be saying ‘goodbye’ to our longest tenured member and her lovely family as Claudia and George are being relocated to beautiful California. To say ‘Thank You’ for being such an integral part of our growth, we will be having a farewell WOD during the 10am class on Saturday October 12th. Please come out to show your support and give them a great sendoff!
3. We are slated to go Stand-Up Paddleboarding on Sunday October 20th. We have reserved 15 slots and only have a few remaining. It’s $25 for 2 hours on the water. We’ll be at Madeira Beach and it starts at 10am. Come out and put that fitness you’ve been building to the test, it’s going to be a blast!! First come, first served…
4. After many requests, we will be kicking off a 5:30am class starting on Monday October 21st. As of right now, we will be doing it 3x/week UNLESS we get a lot of people that want it M-F. So, if that is YOU…SPEAK UP!
5. Tough Mudder pricing goes up Thursday night. Click here for details!
Last time I programmed this combo for the skill work, it worked to bring a very large group in, so let’s try again –
A. Skill:

IMG 9751
Looks like we might need more space…

Bench Press & Pull-Ups
*These will both be done with a specific tempo
Anterior Shoulder
3RFT –
Run 400m
10 Deadlifts (205/115)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
*Time cap of 12min

people working out in a group fitness class


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