We Will Never Forget…9/11/12

– Today is the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and like most of you, I can still remember exactly where I was the moment it happened. Though our men and women in the armed forces have our gratitude every day, please take an extra moment today to sincerely thank someone that you know who serves or has served in the military. The freedom that they provide is what allows me to do what I do in working with all of you on a daily basis. To all our members who currently serve or have served – Thank You, I am forever grateful!
– Big Announcement coming tomorrow…I’m going to rock your socks off so get ready! Yes, even the tall ones that Kelly, Jenny, and Claudia like to sport!!iPhone 038
– The Goals board is finally filling up, but we’ve got a ways to go. Keep pestering everyone you know to make it official and put it up there. Reminder: your goals need to have a time component attached to them, i.e. how long until you achieve your goal? With that said, here is what you get for tonight:
A. Skill:
It demands great mid-line stability
You already read through the hint above…I know, I know, this sure is cruel!

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