Couple of Announcements:
1. For those that haven’t seen it yet, we released dates and a few details of some upcoming events, seminars, and workshops Sunday morning. You will need to reserve your spot for the workshops as they are space-limited to just 25 people each. Read more details here: https://crossfitforglory.com/upcoming-workshops-and-events/
2. Extra Work for week of 8/11/14: https://crossfitforglory.com/extra-work-week-of-81114/
3. Did you see all the amazing photos that were taken at this past Saturday’s classes? Oh you want one of yourself? Keep showing up. You never know when a surprise photog will show up in your class!


A. Weightlifting:

15min to 1RM Snatch


Lat, Chest, Hips – stretch your limiter!!
3 x 45s ea

Look who popped in on Saturday morning!
Look who popped in on Saturday morning!

7min Ascending Ladder:
3 Snatches @ 70% above
3 Push-Ups
3 Snatches
6 Push-Ups
3 Snatches
9 Push-Ups
3 Snatches
12 Push-Ups
3 Snatches
15 Push-Ups
…continuing adding 3 push-ups each round until time runs out.
1. Yes, this is a full snatch
2. Yes, that means a full squat
3. Yes, these are full ROM push-ups -> chest to the deck, full lock out at top

people working out in a group fitness class


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