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  1. Murph – Saturday @ 9am – BBQ to follow!
  2. Don’t forget our Summer Specialty Class Offerings. Especially all you 9am people who love to swing on rings…



“These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat.But they have failed; our country is strong.”
–George W. Bush



Fill up when you eat. – Some diets have you eating up to six meals a day, grazing on low-calorie or low-fat fare. But at CFG we want you to eat like you’re supposed to, until you feel full and satisfied. Don’t consider it a meal until you get your fill.





Partner thoracic spine + foam roller


B. Weightlifting:
12-15min to work up to 75% of 1RM Snatch and perform THREE singles of this complex:
Hang Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

*One “single” is comprised of all three movements. Deadlift bar, hang power snatch, overhead squat, overhead squat, drop.


C. Metcon:

5min AMRAP:
20 Double Unders
15 Overhead Squats (75/55)
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
-rest 1min-
3min AMRAP of same movements
-rest 1min-
1min AMRAP of same movements

*Double Under scale = Single Unders (same amount)


Post WOD Recovery:

Calf stretch – 2min each side

Couch stretch – 2min each side

people working out in a group fitness class


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