Top 30 In the WORLD!

Just over one month ago, we moved into our brand new facility. We kicked off the move with 14.5, the last Open WOD of the 2014 Games year for all of us. Cause let’s be honest, we played for fun. We poured our hearts into each and every workout, found out some glaring weaknesses and interesting things about our more…competitive side, shall we say. But at the end of the day, it was a blast to compete against one another, side by side, for five straight weeks. We didn’t have aspirations of making it to the next stage of competition. It was simply just fun to play.


Except that wasn’t the case with one of us.


2014 marked the first year of an online “qualifier” for select individuals who made it through the Open with a placing high enough to be eligible to continue “playing.”


The online qualifier was a first for CrossFit this year. It enabled the top 200 men and women in their respective division the opportunity to perform 4 workouts within four days.


Many  of you know who I’m talking about. 1526252_493341390772518_6742945298051999955_n


If you’re here with us on Saturdays, you know him well.


Over two years ago, I received an email from him with the following opening line:  “I’ve been thinking of entering the 2012 Crossfit Games.”


I’m going to be honest, at the time we had been open just only a month and I had no clue as to what capability level this individual had, but he took a chance in reaching out to me so I figured I had nothing to lose by doing the same.


I couldn’t be happier that I did.


Two years ago we had hardly a month to get him prepared for the Open. He would go on to finish 59th in the world that year.


Last year, after battling a few injuries that really limited his training volume, he jumped to 50th in the world.


This year, we made some fairly big changes to his normal training regimen leading into the end of 2013 and into the Open season. He put his faith in my programming, and we had a healthy body to work with.


To recap – 2012 saw him in 59th. 2013 saw him in 50th place.


This year, in 2014, he jumped to 29th in the Open.


Online qualifier was waiting for him and we came in on a Friday and Saturday during off-hours so he could do his thing. Here were the WODs:


WOD 1 – Establish a 1RM Clean (he got 250lb, a huge PR for him)
WOD 2 – “Amanda” 9-7-5 Muscle-Ups and Snatches @ 135 (7:02, another PR)
WOD 3 – 3 RFT – Row 50cal, 15 Handstand Push-Ups, 50 Double Unders (13:05)
WOD 4 – For Time: 100 pull-ups then 100 wall balls (11:42)


In order to make it to the Games, he’d need to jump 9 spots and make the top twenty.




It wasn’t in the cards this year. He would go on to finish this season number 30 overall.


That’s right, one of YOUR coaches finished ranked #30 in the ENTIRE WORLD in CrossFit.




So next time you are in for a Saturday morning session, please be sure and congratulate him on one heck of a performance this year.


Jay – as the head coach and owner of CrossFit For Glory, I am beyond honored to have you represent us each and every day. Your tireless work ethic, humble demeanor, and consistency are traits that I strive to mimic each day. I may be labeled as your coach, but I truly look up to and have a high respect for you.


So, when you are ready, I look forward to getting another email like I did over two years ago, but with one major difference: switch 2012 to 2015.


You’ve got a slew of people in your corner.


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