Tina Smith "Literally Couch to CrossFit"

I was first brought to CFG by Dr Scott about 3 years ago when I was looking for personal training to help take my son’s soccer to the next level.  I watched my son, Justin, many many times, but always used the excuse that I didn’t have time to workout.  Life and family stress started to take its toll on me and I was getting depressed.  I was feeling blah and gaining weight by overeating garbage food, then one day I just decided to clean up my act.  I’ve been coming to CFG for ME for almost a year and a half.
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My first impression was “ewww why are all these people rolling around on the dirty ground??”  Now I get it.  When there’s nothing to lean on, you just have to drop to the floor and hope you can get back up.
Seriously, I watched everyone interact with Justin as a 14 year old, who probably looked like he was 9 years old, and treated him like an adult.  Everyone was respectful and encouraging to him.  When I started, nothing was different.  The coaches and athletes at CFG are all genuine, and I received the same level of respect and encouragement.  I love the unity here!  The CrossFit community is great, but it’s unfortunate when you hear stories that not all boxes have the same upbeat and positive atmosphere as CFG.


What am I most proud of? Besides doing the mom thing and saying my son, Justin?  I am proud of several of my accomplishments….completing my first Open after doing CrossFit for only 2 weeks (literally couch to CrossFit), my first box jump, my first unassisted pull up, my first double under.  I am also proud how far I’ve ventured outside my comfort zone by meeting new people, and how committed I’ve become to my fitness.  I’m making better food choices, watching portion control, not indulging into Ben & Jerry’s so much.  I never in a million years expected to look and feel so good at my age; right now I’m in the best shape of my life!!


What am I working on now? Other than being a champion rower??  Kidding.  A good friend of mine peer pressured me with a free coupon code for the Central Florida Throwdown in October.  I’m registered for the scaled division; I have several movements I need to work on and I start training soon.

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I’m trying not to cry writing this out.  My favorite memory is right before starting 17.5, Justin walked over to me and said “You got this, Mom!”  Those 4 simple words coming from him will be forever embedded into my mind.  There is nothing like sharing these moments, whether it’s the CrossFit jargon and lingo or the WODs (when I can bribe him with food), with your son!
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