Time For Some New Tunes…6/15/12

Ok peeps, it’s time for some new music in the gym. You all are only there for an hour at a time…I hear the same songs, day in and day out, without fail, all day…and it’s time for a change! So, while I know we can’t please everyone all the time, I would like your input on some new tunes we can play for the WODs. As always, there are standards, just like your movements in a WOD:
1. Must be clean – if you wouldn’t listen to it in front of your grandma, then don’t suggest it. If your grandma is Betty White, Dr. Ruth, or hard of hearing, then the grandma analogy might not work. Just use your noggin!
2. No slow jams – look, I’m as big a fan of Montell Jordan as the next guy/gal, but not when I want to crush a WOD! Loud, fast, upbeat…these are the ingredients that make a good workout song, not this (even though this whole album was off the chain!):

3. No Justin Beiber – no explanation needed, right?!
4. Country – while it’s been a steadfast rule of ‘NO’ from opening day, I realize that I need to expand the genres since we are working out in LITHIA, FL! So I will entertain the idea…
5. Pandora Stations – fair game, just make sure they meet the above criteria
Please either use the comments section below or the Facebook comments section to post suggestions. Have fun with it…this is OUR gym afterall!!
A. Skill:
Snatch Balance and Pull-Up Practice
12min AMRAP
7 Strict Pull-Ups
14 Pistols (alt)
21 KB Swings

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