Games Party…7/25/13

2013 CrossFit Games Party Update:
So here are the preliminary details – we will be hosting a get together at my (Josh) house on Saturday AND Sunday evening to watch the CrossFit Games as a group. On both days, we plan to gather at my house around 7-ish. However, these times could change (little earlier perhaps) depending on what events they release! Part of the unknown and unknowable I suppose!! Just makes for more difficult party┬áplanning.
RSVP: By Friday at noon time!
Food: Saturday we will have the grill going and have chicken appetizers, hot dogs, and hamburgers. We’ll also have a salad, fruit and cheese platter. If you want to bring your own meat, feel free! Side dishes (guac, veggies, salsa, etc) are up to YOU ALL!
Beverages: We’ll have bottled water. BYOB and anything else you want.
Kids: Bring them!
Sunday: POT LUCK, so you bring it!
Gambling: We’re going to have a huge athlete bracket set-up and take bets (CrossFit style) on who will win individual events and the overall title!
Stay tuned for more details as we come up with them.
A. Skill:

IMG 9409
Liz going RX+ on her box jumps!!

Dip and Pull-Up Progressions
Rope Climbs
Hammie Love
For Time –
Run 1 Mile
50 Burpees
(Didn’t see that coming, did ya?!)

people working out in a group fitness class


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