In case you didn’t read your email…or see “the FaceBook”…or see our blog…here is something awesome going down this coming Monday – our 2016 CFG Intramural Open Grand Finale BBQ. Yes, I realize that is the longest name in the history of CF gym events.
Well, the 2016 CFG Intramural Open is winding down, and while that is a bit sad, it also means that its time to celebrate what a fun time is has been…and hand out some awards!!
On Monday, March 28th, we will be hosting a BBQ Celebration at the box starting at 5pm.
This will also be your LAST CHANCE to do the final workout – 16.5! (Yes, Main Event is still Saturday like normal)
To make this last WOD extra fun, we will be allowing people to “challenge” other team members to a head to head match-up for some team points. Think of it like gambling…except this is legal…unless you want to get side bets going…
Anyhow, my thought is this: if you want to wager some points (up to you how many) to take someone on in a head to head match-up, consult with your team captain and then make the call.
**One rule – the betting MUST take place BEFORE 16.5 is announced!!**
Back to the food…
We will be grilling out some hamburgers and hotdogs provided by Chris Bilar of Florida Executive Realty. All we need to know from YOU is how many people you’re bringing along!
You can RSVP on our FB page.
It will be family friendly, so you are encouraged to bring out your whole crew – you’ve gotta eat anyways, right?!
And finally, we will be crowing the winning team Monday evening as well!


A. WOD1:

For Time –

Row 2k

Run 1 mile



Couch Stretch


C. WOD2:

Row 500m Max Effort (after resting as needed from WOD 1)


D. Post-WOD Recovery:

Quad Smash

people working out in a group fitness class


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