The WODIFY Leaderboard

I rarely look at the whiteboard on WODIFY.
Actually I take that back, I don’t look at it on a daily basis, I check weekly. Here’s why:
My concern with the whiteboard is geared really only to one purpose –  is the programming working?
Put another way – are people getting better?
Judging by all the gold stars we see on it all the time, I’d say the answer is most profoundly yes! And honestly, feedback from all the coaches (and even other members) provides a big chunk of data too.
But here’s why I don’t look at it on a daily basis – quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. I think at times people get so caught up in what so and so did or didn’t do that they forget the point of all this. It’s not about what anyone else did or didn’t do.
It’s about YOU.
We need the numbers to identify where we lag and can improve –  but only compared with ourselves, or to identify when we need to take it easy – coaches help with that too.
And really for me, I think we should all ask ourselves just three little questions when we, or anyone else, starts to get caught up in it:
1. Did you get a good workout?
2. Did you have fun?
3. Did you leave happy?
*Note: “you” can refer to other members here too.
Sometimes people will follow the wrong programming. Maybe they did the ‘fitness’ track instead of health, or vice versa. Sometimes they’ll do the movements out of order or do the wrong number of reps. Having watched thousands of workouts by thousands of people over the years I can say this with absolute certainty – they’re likely not trying to cheat. Sometimes they forget. Or miscount. Sometimes we don’t communicate directions with the best clarity. Or they misunderstand. Or they’re having a bad day.
As coaches, yes, we are concerned with proper movement, correct loading, checking in, logging scores, following the programming, etc. All of that matters too.
But not anywhere close to the above 3 questions. If we take care of those, everything falls into place. Matter of fact, I’d bet that it really boils down to the last one – are YOU (or the member in question), happy?

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