The Week That Was…3/25-3/30

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– The week kicked off with some people hitting PR’s on back squat, always a good start to a week!
– Everyone learned they love T2B more than they thought
– Snatching 12 reps in 5min is harder than it looks…
– WODs with multiple parts confuse people…expect to see more of them
– Remember math at high heart rate?!
– That returned Wednesday…after heavy C&J’s
– I’m so mean
– A couple people managed to finish four FULL rounds on Wednesday…many others looked like they would pass out trying
– Great effort gang!
– Thursday was sneaky tough on the mid-line…silly KB swings and sit-ups
– Many tried to avoid 13.4…
– Few succeeded
– We had so many PR their clean and jerk on the way to attempting 13.4 that I’m afraid to list the names for fear of leaving someone out.
– Erika in particular not only PR’d, but did so a few times as she wanted to go a bit heavier than the working weight so it’d feel lighter – WOW!
– Despite not getting to the 95lb bar, Laurice still managed a HUGE C&J PR Friday night
– Looks like Friday Night PRs are fashionable again??
– We had TWENTY people throw down for 13.4 on Saturday
– Ed lover was in the house, back where he fits in so nicely. The progress he’s made since he left us was awesome to see. Keep up the hard work brother!
– If you happened to miss it, Chuck left A LOT of himself, literally, on the bars during the WOD…
– Don’t worry, disinfectant spray was on hand at once!
– Jim can’t do math very well, but he can move some weight – he had a SEVEN rep improvement over his first attempt
– Hey Jim, sharing is caring…can you lend me a few reps??
– Tim and Tabrez continue their “Battle of the T’s” with Tim narrowly edging him out this week…
– Big props to Heather and Gretchen for fighting the entire time towards their goal of T2B…that was some major resolve both of you ladies showcased and inspired many of us to keep pushing when we otherwise may have stopped. Thank you for that moment, the both of you.
– Heats 1 & 2 brought down the house and set the stage for what turned into the “Jay Showcase” in Heat 3 – the elder statesman was at it again with a commanding performance over the other ‘young guns’ going head to head with him…yours truly included!
– Jay retains his stranglehold on the top spot for the guys…
– Next week, I’m thinking about clubbing him when everyone is chanting 3…2…1…
– Just kidding!
– A new lady emerged as top dog on Saturday, congrats to Megan for a performance that nearly DOUBLED the goal she set for herself!!
– In case you hadn’t heard, this coming Saturday is the Grand Finale for the CrossFit Games Open…we’ll be throwing down one final time and then enjoy some food and beverages afterward – bring out friends and family…and don’t forget some food and BYOB!!
See ya there…
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A. Skill:
Muscle-Up Practice
Sittin on a ball
9min AMRAP
21 Double Unders
15 KB Swings (53/35)

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