The Week That Was 2/18-2/23…

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– Horizontal Ring Rows made their intro…and weren’t too popular. A case of the T-Rex arms was reported a day or two later…
– Snatch grip deadlift was an eye-opener once people checked the video tape I used to film a few reps..Shoulders and Hips rise together!
– Sarah O’Brien made it three days in a row, and she was excited about it!
– Laundry didn’t win out this week…
– Jessica made us all feel bad, ok worse, at the 6:30am class by informing us that back in Arizona the sun rises at 5:30 at the latest…
– Not gonna lie, that would be AWESOME
– I have yet to have someone complain about bear complexes, so they’ll pop up more often
– We had ZERO penalty burpees during the bear complex WOD
– Coincidentally, the finish times across the board were quite close…amazing the amount of work we can get done when burpees are looming over our heads!
– Josh Luck, while keeled over and gasping for breath, remarked that he “absolutely loves this stuff.”
– Dude, your lovely wife Mindy and I have only been trying to get you in here for like FOUR MONTHS!
– I’ve noticed an inverse correlation between the length of the WOD on paper and the amount of people who show up: the longer the workout appears to be, the less we have show
– /scratches his chin in devious fashion to fix this conundrum
– Thursday’s WOD was a sneaky one…much soreness was complained about the following two days
– More than HALF of the people who showed on Friday PR’d their deadlift
– Strange how our strength keeps going up all the time…
– This puts a HUGE smile on my face
– Christy commented that Friday’s WOD “wasn’t as hard as I wanted it to be…I mean what I thought it would be!”
– Post-WOD comments are the best
– Saturdays keep getting more and more fun…this time, I was roped into going head-to-head with Heather, and KB Swings were involved…
– Might as well have been snatches too…
– Oh right, those were on the card as well…Advantage: HEATHER
– Needless to say, your coach got schooled in the art of “how long can you hold on”
– I’m pretty sure she toyed with me the first two rounds just to give me a glimmer of hope to hold onto
– Jay remarked that he’s NEVER seen a group give as much effort to finish a WOD as we did at 10am on Saturday…
– Funny what a competitive atmosphere pushes you to demand of your own body…
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– That was a beautiful segue wasn’t it??
A. Skill:
Push Press – 5×3, heaviest possible each set
L-Sit – 3x30s
For Time –
30 Double Unders
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
6 Power Cleans
15 T2B
9 Power Cleans
15 T2B
6 Power Cleans
20 Wall Balls
3 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders

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