The Week That Was…2/11-2/16

– Kelly kicked the week off by going unbroken on all her T2B Monday
– Tuesday saw the fall of Jim’s dominance of the board to Hamilton
– Hamilton said of his victory: “Now that I’ve taken down Jim, I’m retiring.”
– Geoff D’Angelo nailed a 25lb PR for an OHS during Tuesday’s skill complex!!
– Wednesday’s running had 21 people show, so proud of all of you – that was a tough one
– Sideways rain on Wednesday night forced the 7pm class indoors after two rounds, so they elected to do 30s burpee sprints for the remainder. What brave souls they were!
– Everyone says they’d have rather stayed running
– There are a handful of ladies and gents that are dangerously close to their first muscle-up.
– There is a negative burpee incentive to whomever gets there first!!
– That means you can deduct burpees off a workout!
– Jim got his first bar muscle up on Wednesday
– He then did 55 (!) in a workout on Friday
– Although Thursday was a benchmark, “Isabel” was shown up by our Jenny when she nailed her first pull-up!!!
– I was so proud of how well everyone scaled Thursday, it nearly brought a tear to my eye
– Roger came up with a new acronym for the weight used within a WOD for the guys: “WRX,” as in you (as a guy) used the women’s RX weight
– Look for that to be used often
– My favorite memory from last week? Jessica calling out her kids for fighting, while she was mid-movement. She didn’t skip a beat, shot them a glance and a few sharp words and kept right on moving!
– Coolest email subject line? From Jay in regards to the Saturday 10am class: “Everyone PR’d Everything.” All participants set PR’s in both the snatch and front squat
– Snatch PRs seem like a Saturday morning tradition nowadays, whose up for more??
– Last thing: Jay and I decided on a new gym benchmark after testing it on ourselves the past couple weeks…look out!
A. Skill:
Snatch Grip Deadlift – 7×3
Spine of the scapula…learn yourself! 
8min AMRAP
7 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
28 Double Unders

people working out in a group fitness class


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