The Week That Was…1/7-1/12

Ok gang, welcome to a new weekly post called “The Week that Was.” Nothing too elaborate, just a short recap of some highlights over the past week of training. Feel free to add in anything you observed/experienced or care to share down in the comments section. This will accompany the weekly whiteboard post, so if you missed logging any WOD results now is the time to do so!
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– This was a week of 1RM’s for our skill work and the board was PACKED with PR’s all over the place!
– Mark James returned from his Ragnar Relay with a 1st place finish in his age division…he topped that off with some mind-blowing PR’s in the deadlift, clean and jerk, and back squat. That shouldn’t happen after running from Miami to Key West. Who says you can’t have endurance AND strength?!
– Vince completed Tuesday’s WOD on a bum leg. Tuesday had “heavy” thrusters…Vince was the only guy to use 135lb. Yes, 135lb thrusters.
– Heather became our first female to break the 300lb mark on the deadlift. I predict she’ll break 400 in the next year.
– Megan and Ashley, or Mashley as they’re affectionately known to us, celebrated their birthdays to start the new year. We had a great night!
– Fresh off a b-day celebration, Monday also marked Ashley’s one-year anniversary at CFG! To celebrate, she decided to step up her game and came 6 straight days this week…and hit PR’s on ALL of the 1RM lifts! Simply incredible
– James and Shannon are having a GIRL!
– Rich Froning, I mean Roger Johnson, returned for his first WOD of the new year and showed off his butterfly pull-up prowess
– Lisa ran her first mile…ever!
– Sarah broke her front squat PR that she just set a couple weeks ago…and she’s only 16, look out!
– Eric Fuller torched the world on Wednesday’s 400m repeat beatdown
– Tabrez has the BEST set-up and bottom position in the C&J and the snatch. Watch him next time you’re in…he may have to be the new demo guy for all things involving a squat
– Erika said she hated me half-way through the 400m repeats…after learning the burpee “penalty” didn’t really exist, she loved me again
– Kelly is F-A-S-T…like faster than most guys in the gym fast. Girl can move! We also tricked her into squatting more than she thought was on the bar…works every time
– We did the same thing to Ashley
– I thought Jenny was going to crash through the wall on her final 400m repeat as she came screaming through the door. Never seen someone be so happy to lay on our “clean” floors
– Mikey is ridiculously strong. Narrowly had a 495lb deadlift…kids, that is 5 away from 500! Settled for 475.
– Then Mikey decided he didn’t like to split jerk, so after going through a full squat clean with 235, he PUSH PRESSED it
– Jordan was mere inches away from a 200lb C&J. Got the clean easy, locked out the jerk, but couldn’t finish standing up. Jordan is 16.
– Mike Fuller’s double unders have returned…as if this kid could get any faster?!
– Zack sent me a frown face text Sunday night upon learning this entire week would be 1RM testing. He was out of town and would miss it all
– Chris Martin didn’t have his wallet and phone stolen…just left it at home. He also moves quick for such a tall guy!
– Sam laid down the prettiest split jerk at the Thursday 6pm class. His speed under the bar was impeccable
– Phillip squatted so low on Friday that I’m pretty sure his butt was to his ankles…that, my friends, is DEPTH!
– Without knowing it, many of our ladies stepped up to the big-boy 45lb plates this week!
– Tim can clean and jerk more than he can deadlift…wait a tick, did I really just type that??
– Eric Crouch finally came in…cause I held his shoes hostage
Now some Saturday highlights:
– Jay’s son Matthew narrowly edged out Karen’s husband Jim for the 9am crown, good work Matt!
– Jim blasted through 7+ rounds…killed some T2B…while nursing a lingering knee injury. Dude has wicked endurance
– 10am WOD was an absolute blast…full on competition mode with 4 teams of 4.
– HUGE props to Jay for doing an awesome job of planning, organizing, and executing a flawless team WOD. He was really forced to think on his feet when we discovered that 16 people were playing!
– Mikey edged out Zack on the Snatch/Pull-Up WOD for the top score of the day…not bad considering these are our two biggest athletes!
– Zack followed that up with a win in the deadlift/HSPU WOD
– Zack then topped it off with a narrow sprint, yes I said SPRINT, finish victory in the team relay outside. He says he’s leaving heavy lifting behind and signing up for all local long distance running events…
– Mikey also participated in the 9am class
– Awesome showing by the athletes from CrossFit Thumbs Up. Big thanks to Ed for bringing them by. Look for us to get together more often!
– Yolanda and Maria are scary good CF athletes…hopefully we’ll see more of those two
– Lauren from CFTU narrowly missed a muscle up…I expect to see video evidence real soon!
– Nutrition seminar was awesome…great participation and questions from all
– Question that garnered the most attention? “What about alcohol…?”
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