The Week That Was…1/28-2/2

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– Lots more ‘RX’ on the board these days!
– Banded deadlifts made their debut…seem to be a new favorite! Just wait until you see the strength gains!
– Lisa completed her first full session since joining us – that’s the ‘Skill’ part AND the ‘WOD!’ This is a HUGE deal!! Congrats Lisa!
– Liz completed Tuesday’s WOD while feeling like she was on her death bed…sweat it out I suppose!
– If anyone got sick this week, we’ve got a buffer of time to point the finger at Liz!
– Erika renamed burpees “The Devil’s Tool”
– She then could not WAIT to get back to burpees during Wednesday’s WOD
– Claudia overhead squatted barefoot…her heels stayed down…and she was well below parallel. Who else wants to try that?
– Why no shoes? She didn’t want to get her new ones dirty
– Kelly knocks out T2B like they’re her J-O-B
– Honest Jim said his weighted pull-up was only 142lb…what a slacker.
– Jim also a benchmark WOD this week before the normal Thursday WOD
– He did this Friday as well
– And he still lead both WODs…dude is a beast
– Mark is nipping at his heels
– Mark is also nipping at 50 years old!
– Jenny PR’d her snatch on a day she didn’t like being at the box
– See how important those days are??
– She also cost herself a 14-burpee penalty for leaving her wall ball out…ouch!
– Megs showed the ability to do pistols…RX…gone are the days of assistance, haha
–  Our ladies can ROCK the hand-release push-ups…makes me so proud!
– Mark nearly has his double unders down pat, uh-oh
– And his wife calling him out to a challenge is a BIG reason!
– Lastly, if you missed the 10am team WOD this week…shame shame, it was a BLAST
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people working out in a group fitness class


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