The Week That Was…1/14-1/19

Sorry for the delay gang, but here we go:
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– Denise and Laurice celebrated their birthdays with us.
– Laurice said her b-day highlight was the WOD
– Mark dispatched another weakness this week by figuring out his kipping pull-ups…he’s hoping to give “Helen” a momentous beating next time they meet
– Zack knocked out C2B pull-ups with little effort
– But Eric Fuller finished first in the heavy deadlift WOD from Monday
– The ladies better watch out because many records are falling once Shannon has her little one and is not held back
– Georgia made her triumphant return and couldn’t be happier
– And she is looking GOOD!
– Heather learned to cycle her C&J more efficiently…I mean, faster. “Grace” anyone??
– Everybody loves Tabata workouts…until they realize they are doing 8 rounds of EACH exercise
– Erika conquered double unders AND a free-standing handstand
– Mikey warmed up for the RDL’s as follows: 135, 225, 315…ok coach, I’m ready for my “working sets” now
– I program split jumps just to watch everyone look silly…my favorite style is the Cross-Country skier
– Sarah R. and Erika were the only ones to get more than 10 swings on the tabata WOD…that means they did a minimum of 96 swings
– Jodi hit a 10RM back squat that was 10lb higher than her previous 5RM…can anyone say major strength gains?!
– Many people had a “come to Jesus” meeting with the 10RM back squats…I think Kelly was on the verge of tears
– Tabrez too…
– Nobody likes those anymore
– Zack made 275×10 look fairly easy – I told him he better shoot for 300 next time, he didn’t like that
– Saturday @ 9am turned into a spontaneous team WOD – props to Jay for changing that up on the fly
– Jay, I promise I don’t intentionally stick you with classes that are WAY bigger than what we expect or plan for; well, at least I don’t consciously do that!
– Claudia was happy to see a run on Friday
– A few people chose burpees over a run on Friday…how many people would make that choice??
– And most already know that I am one of the ones who would gladly choose burpees
– Saturday @ 10am was our Olympic Lifting Workshop…simply an amazing time see the light go off for so many people when they felt good positioning and speed for the first time!

people working out in a group fitness class


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