The Triple Lindy Challenge

Hey Peeps — we’re excited to announce CrossFit For Glory’s FIRST Challenge! There are cash prizes to be had, so read below for the nitty-gritty!

   For time:

  • 300m Run
  • 20 Ground to Shoulder (135/95)
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 300m Run
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
  • 300m Run

NOTE: There will be a 20-minute cutoff for this workout.


   Challenge Prelims:  Saturday, July 14th

   Challenge Finals:     Saturday, August 11th

   Entry Fee:                 $30 ($20 goes for prize money)

   Prize Purse:              $20 x the number of participants



  1. Done as prescribed, OR
  2. Scaled. Using the chart below as a guide, choose the weight for your ground to overhead lifts that allows you to finish the workout within the 20-minute cutoff.

Prize Categories:     -Most Improved & Fastest Times

How the Challenge Works

  1. GET REGISTERED – Sign up on the ‘Upcoming Events’ whiteboard at the gym. Please indicate how you will pay your “Triple Lindy” entrance fee of $30, cash/check/account (and remember that $20 goes into the “kitty” for prize money).
  2. CHALLENGE PRELIMS – Saturday, July 14th – All Classes. Set your preliminary “Triple Lindy” time. This will be the time from which we calculate your improvement.
  3. TRAIN – CrossFit for 4 weeks with the intention of improving your “Triple Lindy” time.
  4. SHOW UP FOR THE FINALS – Saturday, August 11that the box. Join your fellow CrossFitters in an event intended to blow you away as everybody attempts to set a new PR!

Ground to Overhead
                  Men           Women
Rx:             135              95
Heavy:     130-115#     95 -70#   
Medium:   110-85#        65 -40#
Light:        80-55#         35-15#

  1. Greatest Overall Improvement – the prize pool for most improved will be 4-6 places deep. At least 60% of the total prize pool will go toward the most improved.
  2. Fastest times – 3 places deep in both women’s and men’s Rx divisions.


  1. You must do this workout as prescribed, or choose a scaled weight for your ground to overhead lifts.
  • You will use the exact same scale for your prelims workout, as you will for your finals workout.
  1. Rankings for MOST IMPROVED:
  • There will be one master list ranking participants on percentage improvement.
  • This list is NOT categorized. Your category has no bearing on where you finish on this list.
  • For example, if you compete while scaling the workout, and you have the highest percentage of overall improvement, you will be ranked #1.
  1. Rankings for TIME:
  • There will be one master list ranking participants based on time
  • Your TIME rank will be based on your performance within your category. All Rx workouts will rank above any SCALED workout in the fastest time rankings.

Take the “Triple Lindy” Challenge – How much can you improve? Sign Up at the ‘Upcoming Events’ whiteboard!

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