The Team…12/4/12

68469 305745882865404 1202713785 nThis past weekend, a number of us participated in ‘Tough Mudder.’ To say it was an incredible adventure would be selling the whole experience way short. We’ll all be exchanging hilarious stories for weeks to come, so be sure and listen close! One thing that we all discovered right away was that completing it would be a team effort; we adopted the policy of ‘no man (or woman) left behind’ and were proud to cross the finish line as one. In keeping with the theme of ‘the team’ here is the first of many great blog posts to come:
“The Team” by Jay Bradley –
I was introduced to CrossFit some years ago by a work acquaintance.  He was a wiry sergeant major that competed in adventure races, some of which lasted up to 4 days long and covered hundreds of miles.  As part of a small team he cycled, walked, ran, climbed, navigated, and paddled through swamps, hills, and other unforgiving terrain.  He explained that many times they would get lost and have to backtrack to a known point, losing several hours to do so, something that isn’t easy in the dark when you are wet, tired and hungry- and probably mad at the guy who got lost and led you down the wrong path.  I thought that he was crazy.  I asked him how he could do that; didn’t he ever just want to quit?  He told me, “Yeah, of course I did.  But when I felt like quitting my teammates would help me along and pick up the slack.”  He went on to explain that every one of every team would break down at some point, but that it was never more than one at a time. In addition to encouragement, the team would literally carry the member having a hard time until he or she got through it, knowing that at some point it might be you and they would do the same thing.
That stuck with me. A 20-year veteran sergeant major from the Army’s most elite special mission unit was telling me that he could break and couldn’t always do it alone. We all have bad days.  It takes the support from your teammates to get you through them.
One of the best things about CrossFit is the community.  Even if most of the effort is individual, joining a box is becoming a member of a team.  Our teammates help us by putting that nagging feeling into our heads that they’ll be disappointed if we don’t show up for class.  They help us push though the pain during a tough WOD, carrying us through to the finish on those bad days and congratulating us when we are done. They are there to congratulate us on a new PR. We all have bad days.  The trick to making it to the finish line as a team, and not as a team minus one, is to help your teammate along when he has a bad day.  We also have to let others help us when we hit the wall.  With all of us there is nothing that can defeat one of us.
You can do constantly varied, functional movement at high-intensity by dancing around your living room to a DVD or lifting alone at any gym, but that’s not CrossFit.  The camaraderie of doing it with a group of teammates is what makes it special and one of the factors that make it the most effective program out there.
The Team at CrossFit for Glory doesn’t have a cap on the number of members.  We’ll incorporate everyone. Like the program, the team is broad, general, and inclusive. If you’re new to the box, welcome!  If you are reading this while poking around the internet looking for a place to join, we hope to see you soon.  The Team of CrossFit For Glory has a place for you.
A. Skill:
7X1 Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch – heavy but not maximal, rest 45 sec (exactly).
Lacrosse Ball 1st Rib Smash Session!
For Time –
10 STRICT Pullups
10 Wall Balls 20/14#
8 STRICT Pullups
15 Wall Balls 20/14#
6 STRICT Pullups
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
4 STRICT Pullups
25 Wall Balls 20/14#
2 STRICT Pullups
30 Wall Balls 20/14#

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