The Athlete Series, part 4…8/1/13

With the 2013 CrossFit Games officially over, it’s time to return to our ‘Athlete Series.’ Basically the gist is this: we (your coaches) refer to you all as athletes, but we thought it’d be nice to have some concrete metrics for you to help see yourselves as athletes.
When you work until the clock reads 0:00
If there is time on the clock, it means the game’s not done. Squeeze out everything you can within the hour. Giving up early is giving up.  Hold onto the bar, go for just “one more rep,” but don’t quit until you hear “TIME” shouted out loud! It’s moments like these that separate the winners from the losers in big time games. But you can’t be expected to make those types of big plays if you haven’t been pushed that way in your training.
If you watch SportsCenter with any sort of regularity, then you most certainly saw this highlight. Tony Parker just barely gets his shot off before the shot clock expires. The Spurs went on to win this game.

A. Skill: IMG 9335
Front Squat –
1×8 @ 65%
1×8 @ 70%
1×8 @ 75%
1×8 @ 80%
(Practice Rope Climbs in between!)
Shoulder Internal Rotation
Ok, ok, I promise…no switcheroo this time:
10min AMRAP
5 S2OH (115/75)
10 Deadlifts (115/75)
15 Box Jumps (24/20)

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