The 2020 CrossFit Open is Here!

It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up the 2019 Open. But guess what – that was back in March of this year! CrossFit HQ decided to give us an extra special gift this year – the 2020 season will kick off with the Open in October! The first workout is announced on Thursday, October 10th.
So, for those that haven’t been around for all that long you’re probably wondering: “What the heck is the Open?”
The Open (as it’s affectionately known) is a 5-week event where CrossFit HQ programs some workouts for anyone that does CrossFit to complete. Here’s the cool part – its only ONE workout per week and they are all done right in the comfort of good ol CrossFit For Glory. That’s right, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything special – just show up!
The workouts are no different than what we do here on a regular basis. They even have options for scaled versions of every single workout, just like we do.
The idea is for everything to be broad, general, and inclusive. Heck, a quick search turns up stories of 70-years old having a ball in their home gym doing the Open.
Many of you might be apprehensive about signing up because of the competitive aspect. Signing up and starting is better than sitting it out. You WANT to be one of the trying rather than the many who sit it out. If you are on the fence, ask a coach about what it’s like at CFG on a CrossFit Open morning- the energy, the teamwork, the cheers – the PRs. Or better yet, ask one of the other members who did the Open last year, like Angela Lyons or Chris Bilar.
Or, just watch this video:

So here’s the thing, most of the social media that you see surrounding the Games will focus on the top competitors – the 1% that will make it on to the next stage of the competition. But here, at CrossFit For Glory, the Open is a special time where us regular people find out so much about ourselves…not just from a physical standpoint, but also a mental one.
While you can compare your scores to the best in the world, what you are really here to do is compete against yourself.
Are you better today than you were yesterday?
We’ve had people get their first pull-ups, first toes to bar, first muscle up (bar and rings), set a PR on a clean and jerk, and on and on and on…all during the Open, because of the atmosphere. It’s hard to put into words…kind of like when your friends say “So tell me what this CrossFit stuff is all about.”
Now – for those that have been around for at least one of the recent Opens, you might recall we’ve broken things into Intramural teams. This year, I am super excited to announce that we will be grouped as ONE BIG FAMILY! That’s right, just like ‘The Three Musketeers’, it’ll be all for one and one for all!
Seriously though, I do want to offer a bit more explanation:

  1. We just finished up the Gauntlet less than two weeks ago and rolling into a 5-week event like the Open is already asking a lot from each of you
  2. Being a team captain is a YUUUUGGGEE responsibility, so I consulted a few past captains and heard the same sentiment – “Can we take this Open off and just do it for the pure fun of it?!” Absolutely!
  3. This is the 10th year of the Open, and I want to celebrate that milestone as one big happy family.


(That’s not to say you can’t costume it up – please, by all means look at the photos below and see how epic these are, LOL!)

In the days leading up to the first open workout, we will take a look back and share some of the inspiring stories from years past, so keep your attention on our social media channels!
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Here’s what you need to do right now:

  1. Click here to place your t-shirt order, they’re $27 and you’ll wear it with pride years after this Open is over! See what they look like down below.
  2. If you want to track your score on the worldwide Open leaderboard, go to this page and register. Cost is 20 bucks. You’ll find me and all the coaches at CFG on there! (If not, no biggie…but definitely get a shirt!)


The goal is to have as much fun as humanly possible while challenging yourself to be better than yesterday.

Here’s a little more about the whole thing:
HQ announces the workouts on Thursday evenings, beginning October 10th. You’ll have three options for completing the workout – Friday (we program it for the gym this day), Saturday (the Main Event!), or make-up Monday. Submit your score on the Games website by 8pm EST and you’re all set!
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After the final Open workout, we’re going to host a big party at my house – FRIENDSGIVING! More details on that to come.
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Some final thoughts:

Finishing is better than quitting. Prove to yourself you’ve got what it takes. Last place in last year’s open beat every quitter. In reality, the final finisher each week gets the loudest cheer. So sign up, come in, do the WOD – you’re going to do it anyway so you may as well do it with EVERYONE else, (and maybe even get the t-shirt). What have you got to lose?


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