The 2017 CFG Holiday Hangover Cure!

Ok everyone, so our last nutrition challenge that finished in October was a raging success and there are SO MANY of you who couldn’t wait to do another one…or there were many who wanted in when it was too late. Well now is your chance!
You asked Natalie for MORE and this is what she is bringing to the table…no pun intended! Without further ado, here is your nutrition aficionado in her own words:
“Wipe that eggnog off your face! The CrossFit Open is fast approaching and you still have cookie crumbs in your hair.
The Open????!!!!! This leaves us roughly one month or so to clean up our act. I know many of you have heard of Whole30… this is a very effective elimination diet that allows your body to no longer burn sugars for useless quick energy and flips you into a fat burner! FAT BURNER!!! Doesn’t that sound awesome?
Seriously… when you are burning only refined carbs and sugars for energy your body gets so excited to run out the gate, then you take a turn, and burn out! Your body needs to burn fats and proteins to keep on going….. and going….. and going………
So let’s get back to Whole30… This is a very easy to follow plan… so who is up for the challenge to get serious for the Open?
Whole30 works best with a large community base because guess what?? This is not easy to do.
But remember: “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”
We will begin the Whole30 challenge Monday, January 9th and end Wednesday, February 8th. This will allow you to eat all your valentine chocolates from all of your admirers you are going to get from doing a Whole30 challenge.
With this challenge you will receive peer help, all answers questioned by me, food and recipe ideas.
Cost is $45. If you want to jump on the Inbody to keep track of more data, all ya gotta do is ask!”
270 Front Clear
Oh, you wanted Monday’s WOD? Click Here!

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