Testing Week Day 3…9/24/14

HOLY FRONT SQUAT PR’s!!! Nice work by every single person that showed up!! Keep it up the rest of the week!


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A. Weightlifting:

20min to 1RM Clean and Jerk (must be a split jerk)


*Similar to yesterday, you will start with 50% of your CURRENT 1RM. The general template for your warm-up sets is as follows:


50% x 3
60% x 3
70% x 2
80% x 1 (two sets here)
90% x 1


…where you go from here is a matter of personal preference mixed with a HEAVY dose of guidance from your coach. Let us know what your previous set was, what your current PR is, and we’ll guide you on how to approach the next rep.


I cannot stress this enough, but you need to be resting a MINIMUM of two minutes between your sets. Even though you are only doing 1 rep and may not feel physically exhausted, you ARE neurologically exhausted. Give your CNS time to recover. This is a very technical lift and you need all the help you can get.


With an empty barbell, practice what your limiting factor will be – clean or jerk!
Do this in between your working sets!




Hand Release Push-Ups
Double Unders


CFT Day 2-110
people working out in a group fitness class


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