Teaching the Why…Monday 4/17/16

Starting this week, I’m going to do either a short video or blog post explaining the ‘why’ behind each and every workout that we’ll be doing. This is not just to help you guys understand our intention with each workout, but more importantly to explain to each of you how what we’re having you do will get you closer to your goals.


A. Warm Up:
– 500m row
– Dynamic stretching
– Accumulate 1.5 minutes in L-Sit
B. Main WOD:
“Crazy 8’s”
8 rounds of:
8 push ups
8 pull ups
8 squats
8 sit ups
8 lunges
8 burpees
8 Wall ball 10’ target (20/14)
8 Back extensions
C. Mobility WOD
Practice splits


A. Warm-Up –

we’re trying to get the heart rate elevated, get good blood flow going everywhere (evidenced by a good light sweat), and full range of motion through all major joints in the body. The L-Sit is designed to test and improve your static core stability. The reason this matters? Anything bodyweight related with improve dramatically the better you get at this.

B. Main WOD –

We are setting out to hit every muscle with this total body workout. This is likely to be a longer workout, which means pacing from the start will be key. Also, longer workouts are usually very aerobic, so they do good at burning fat during the workout. They are great at developing your ability to recover during more intense workouts.

C. Mobility WOD –

Groin problems often result from lack of flexibility. Few things stretch that area out better than a split. Enjoy!


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