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Must be the shoes!

Last week, my lovely wife and I were having a fairly typical spousal discussion. What about you ask?
Why, Olympic Weightlifting or course!
Ok, typical  for us, maybe not most couples. Anyhow, after watching some videos of fairly high level lifters, Mandy commented on the speed with which they got under the bar during the snatch, clean, and jerk. She had one simple question: how do I get faster?
Rather than write an elongated post of my own, I’d like to link to a quite timely blog post that I read just two weeks ago on this very topic:
Spencer Arnold on “Speed”
Takeaway: you have to train fast to improve your speed. This does NOT mean reckless, but rather fast with purpose. Work on getting UNDER the bar fast and I guarantee your lifts will improve.
So, what does world class speed look like?

A. Skill:
Front/Back Squat – 5×4/8 @ 80% (of 1RM front squat), rest 2:00min
For Time –
100 Reps of Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
Beginning at 0:00 and every 3min thereafter, do 10 burpees
1. The S2OH can be accomplished any which way you prefer – strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk.
2. There is a 13min cap…do you see what I did there?
3. Success in this WOD is predicated on getting onto the bar as fast as you can and setting it down as few times as possible. Tell yourself “Just ONE more rep” when you think you absolutely have to put it down.

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