Show Your Support! 8/8/14

Hi Everyone,
As you all know, we are a big but tight knit family at CrossFit For Glory. The community is at the center of everything that we do and the reason that so many of you continue to come back day after day. The greater CrossFit community embodies this as well. While our mission of improving your long-term health and fitness is a noble and good one, there are times where we must reach outside of ourselves to make an impact in our surrounding community beyond the walls of CFG.
That time has come friends.
Kaliym reached out to me a few weeks ago to bring to my attention the story of Dr. Kera Young; a longtime FishHawk resident, pediatric dentist, and mother of three.
About six months ago, Dr. Young discovered a lump on her breast that her doctors initially diagnosed as Stage 1 breast cancer. After performing a double mastectomy, it was found to actually be Stage 3. She has been through four rounds of chemo, but after hearing that it wouldn’t be enough she will soon begin radiation treatments as well.
Many of you have been personally affected by cancer within your family (or have battled through it yourself) and know what an emotional, physical, and mental toll that the treatments can take on not just you but also your family.
With this in mind, we would like to host a WOD in Dr. Young’s honor on Saturday, August 23rd at 9am. There will be a $20 buy-in per participant (or you can simply donate if you cannot make it) with an option for someone to sponsor additional money for each round that you complete. Here is the WOD:


20min AMRAP –

17 Wall Balls (for their oldest child)
10 KB Swings (for their middle child)
8 Burpees (for their youngest child)
3 Pull-Ups/Muscle-Ups (to represent the Stage 3 cancer)

I know it is relatively short notice, but we want to help as much as possible as quickly as we can.
I’m calling on all of you – please come out and show your support to a member of our community. Their family needs help. We’ve got a big reach, an awesome community, and lots of love, so let’s show them!
Young Flyer (3)-1


A. Weightlifting:

Deadlift – 12min to Heavy Triple

(This is NOT to be treated like a 3RM. Form must be impeccable.)


Calves/Achilles Complex: 3 x 30s ea


EMOM f/ 12min:

Even- 7 Deadlift @ 60% Above
Odd – 7 Burpees

Score = Total sit ups performed with remaining time during last round of burpees.


Even – 7 Deadlift @ 60% Above
Odd – SPRINT 200m

Score = Total burpees performed with remaining time during last round of sprints.

(There will be six rounds of each. Even minutes are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Odd minutes are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.)

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