Self Defense…7/17/13

There will NOT be a 5pm class today (Wednesday). Everything else remains the same!
For those that do not know, we have a very valuable resource  when it comes to self defense within our membership – Manny Cabrera. He is the owner and head instructor at Sidekicks Martial Arts right here in FishHawk (next to the Walgreens). I have been asked to share this with you all:

Being attacked by a criminal wielding a knife or a blunt object is a lot
different than they show it on TV. It’s fast, it’s brutal, and it’s
life threatening.
That’s why having a life saving strategy to defend yourself against
an attacker with a knife is vital to your safety and the safety of the
ones that you love.
In two hours, you’ll learn some effective, stress inoculated skills using
Krav Maga (the fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces)
to put to use when you need it the most.
Cost: Free to Sidekicks members
$20 for non-members
When: Friday, August 2nd from 7 to 9 PM
Where: Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers
16313 FishHawk Blvd. (next to Walgreens)
Register Online Here:

Please feel free to post any questions to comments, ask Manny in the gym, or leave them for me and I’ll be glad to relay them to him.


A. Skill:

IMG 9229
All lot of people bright and early!

Clean and Jerk – 15min to 1RM 3-position C&J, floor first


Lacrosse ball love



High Pulls (53/35)

Box Jumps (24/20)

HR Push-Ups

people working out in a group fitness class


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