Scary Moment

This past week, I found myself in a sketchy situation. I was up at the gym working out on my own when Mandy and the kids came up to keep me company.

Our kids have practically grown up at CFG and are super comfortable being around us with weights flying, rowers going and jump ropes spinning. I think when you become a parent you develop a sixth sense of knowing if your kids are in harms way and so I’m rather adept at keeping them safe at the gym.

But kids will be kids.

In the midst of some of my double unders, a couple lacrosse balls came rolling right by my feet.

Another time, I dropped my bar to see them within a few feet of where it stopped bouncing.

This served as a stark reminder – we do run a gym. And safety is the number one priority, for you all as adults and our kids alike. While we all know this, we can sometimes become complacent over time.

So this is my plea – I need each of you to help our staff keep all our kids safe while they’re in the box.

Let’s not allow them onto the rubber floor while class, or any training activities, are going on and let’s make sure they don’t throw things onto the rubber floor either.

The last thing I’d ever want to have happen is for one of our precious children to get hurt just by watching mom and dad be awesome fitness enthusiasts!!

Thanks for your understanding and help with this going forward.

people working out in a group fitness class


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