Scapular Stability 101…9/29/14

This weekend is our Olympic Weightlifting Workshop. If you have not signed up yet, and if ever wanted the opportunity to work on your olympic lifts in depth and/or I’ve ever heard you say that you wished we worked on these more – you better be in attendance.
Workshop will last from 10:30am-1:30pm and the cost is just $50. 

The workshop will be much more time intensive and hands on than what you are used to seeing in a regular session. In addition to specific positional and movement work, we will have video analysis(!) and programming lectures so that you can learn how to best utilize these movements for your specific goals (i.e. CrossFit competition, weightlifting competition, general health and fitness, etc). They are geared with everyone in mind – beginners, intermediates, elite athletes, and even coaches.
As of Sunday night, we had only about 10 spots remaining – so speak NOW and speak LOUD!


So we put together a montage of the back squat PR’s from last week, check it out here:

A. Skill:
You will rotate through each station 3 times. You will complete 10 reps of each exercise (both sides) or ME hold.
Your coach will guide you towards the weight used for each exercise.
1) Prone single arm dumbbell row
2) Standing shoulder scaption
3) Side lying shoulder external rotation
4) Med ball push ups
5) Active shoulders bar hang
6) Active shoulders dip bar hold
15min AMRAP –
5 Single Arm DB OHS (ea arm)
10 Burpees
30 Double Unders
Their motto: "Why wear a shirt when you can NOT wear a shirt?"
Their motto: “Why wear a shirt when you can NOT wear a shirt?”


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