Resistant to Change and Meeting New People, Veronica Now Leans on CFG as Family!

Leah A. had been bugging me for about a year to give CrossFit For Glory a try because she knew that I loved working out and I always welcomed new challenges. I had only ever tried CrossFit when I was deployed and was resistant to try it here because it seemed too trendy and I was a little resistant to change and meeting new people.
My first impression of CFG was that it was a big family, but that I was not a part of it; I was a visitor. It was however something that I wanted to be a part of. Having been here for over a year now, that view has drastically changed in a very fulfilling way! I have made my place in the 0530 class and they are definitely my family. I have had many life changing events happen over the last year and I have leaned on them as though they are my family. One hour a day, five days a week has made a huge impact on my life and in many ways it has served as my physical and emotional therapy session. I continue challenging myself and this is what keeps me coming back day after day-even on the days I do NOT want to drag myself out of bed at zero dark thirty!
Narrowing down my proudest moment to a single event or accomplishment is difficult because there have been many. I could say that shaving an entire HOUR off of my marathon time is it, or that running another PR on my half marathon time (in the rolling hills of Virgina!) would be it. Or perhaps it could be my very first showing at The Games this year (which I was strong armed into doing by my class) where I surprised even myself during some of the events. Maybe it could be my 100lb CJ, 185lb DL, or 155lb Back Squat…none of which I ever thought I could do! Picking just one moment to be proud of is like asking me which child I love most; it is impossible to pick because ALL of these moments have made me into a better, more complete athlete. I have achieved inner strength, courage, and determination to become better, stronger, and healthier both inside and out; CFG has truly changed my life in a positive way.
I have many goals that I would like to “hit”, but they are not finite. I know that I will meet those goals and reset the bar to new heights. My constant goal is to never get complacent and accept mediocrity-I will always challenge myself to be better in every way, and every week 0530 never disappoints!
My favorite memory being here would have to be participating in The Games this year. Performing the first week on Saturday morning was a huge adrenaline rush. The crashing of plates, athletes shouting to push themselves harder, hearing “no-rep”, photos being snapped, etc. was something I had never experienced before and look forward to participating in next year.

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