Reopen Plan Highlights

If you missed yesterday’s post about our Reopening Plan, then here’s the video again:

Not much for watching the full video? No worries, here are the highlights:
Our main goal is to maximize your health and safety first. We have some restrictions to abide by and the details below explain much of it. We sincerely appreciate your trust, patience, and understanding as we all wade into this new way of doing things. Before we go further, I want to emphasize something: if you are not comfortable coming back into the physical space when we reopen on Wednesday, May 20th – that is A-OK! We will continue to provide our Remote Coaching Services!!
Class Schedule – 
We will resume in person classes for those that are comfortable returning this Wednesday, May 20th. This will be the schedule effective Wednesday, May 20th – Saturday, May 30th. Pre-shutdown class times will resume Monday, June 1st 
Week of 5/20-2/23
W 5:30am, 9am 5pm, 7pm
Th 9am 6pm
F  5:30am, 9am 5pm, 7pm
S 9am
Week of 5/25-5/30
M CLOSED (Memorial Day)
T 9am 6pm
W 5:30am, 9am 5pm, 7pm
Th 9am 6pm
F  5:30am, 9am 5pm, 7pm
S 9am
For our CrossFit Kids:
Group 1 – 5/21, 5/26, 5/28
3:45pm (JV) & 4:45pm (Varsity)
Group 2 – 5/20 and 5/27
(Normally M/W @ 6pm)
For our CrossFit Teens:
Wednesday 5/20 and 5/27 3:30pm
*Again, normal schedule for adult CF beginning June 1. TBD for Kids and Teens, based on what the state mandates for restrictions on social distancing requirements.
Attendance and Social Distancing Procedures – 

  1. Open up WODIFY Mobile App
  2. Click top right button (three horizontal lines)
  3. Click ‘Class Schedule’
  4. Click the appropriate day you are reserving for. It will be the day in the center with the white ink. 
  5. Click ‘Reserve’ for the class time you will attend
  6. You can only reserve within 24 hours of a schedule class time
  7. You will be unable to reserve within 2 hours of a class starting
  8. You may cancel your reservation within 8 hours of class starting without it being marked as an attended class
  9. Show up and have fun!


  • Since you will have your class reserved, there will be no need to sign into the computer when you arrive
  • Log your score and make notes via your mobile app
  • Before entry, we will have an infrared thermometer to take your temp. If you show a fever, you will not be allowed to join class that day
  • If you have traveled internationally, we just ask that you wait 14 days from your return date before coming back into the gym


  • There will be a designated, tape-outlined area for you to do your workout in
  • Coaches will have all necessary equipment (except for something you may have of your own, like a jump rope) placed there prior to class beginning
  • There will be no community chalk buckets. Instead, you are encouraged to bring a ziplock bag and your coach will provide a piece for you to reuse at your leisure. 
  • At the conclusion of class, we will provide you with spray to sanitize your equipment. Please toss your towel into the dirty bin upon exiting.


  • We are not allowed to have a seating/congregation area. Because of this, we ask that you do not bring your kids to class for these first couple weeks. Also, we ask that parents of our kids and teens wait in their cars during class as opposed to sitting and watching inside. 
  • As the restrictions on social distancing are relaxed, we intend to return our seating to normal up front. 
  • Water fountains will be off. However, we will be providing bottles of water at each station prior to class starting. The water fill station (to the left of the fountains) will be usable

Positive COVID Test Procedure – 
In the interest of making sure we put your health and safety at the forefront, we wanted to clearly communicate our plan should a member of our community come down with COVID. The likelihood of this occurring is small, but very serious. 
All exposed athletes will stay home and be delivered remote coaching for 14 days. 
All exposed coaches will stay home for 14 days. 
We will close the gym for one day to disinfect and sanitize.
We will notify all clients that had a direct interaction personally (not publicly), but will not (in the interest of privacy) name who the infected athlete is unless they provide written permission to do so. 
We thank you for your trust and understanding in handling situations like this if they arise.
Last Notes and Questions?
We will not be allowing drop-ins for the next several weeks, we do not want to take class spots from each of you guys!
You probably noticed that we will be closed on Monday, May 25th, as we normally are. While we won’t be having a big ‘Memorial Day’ workout on the Saturday before, we are excited to reveal a BIG event for July 4th this year!
Any further questions, please email 

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