Reflection, part 2: TNL Fitness Challenge Recap

Well, it’s been almost a week since Megan, Jenny, and Vince competed at the TNL Fitness Challenge. To say I am proud of all three of them would be an incredible understatement. They all showed a lot of heart, determination, and sheer will power to complete each event. Throwing down in the box, amongst familiar faces, is one thing. Doing so against dozens of strangers, in front of 100’s of spectators, is another thing entirely.
For Megan and Jenny, this was their very first foray into competition. With the backdrop of a sky clear of any clouds and the perfect temperature, the first event got under way at about 9am. Although they had plenty of time to let the nerves get to them, the quick triplet was over before they could blink, and just like that they were off and running.
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I always knew that both of them had the competitive edge when in the box but they displayed an entirely different side of themselves that day – something I told them both ahead of time. Their focus on the task at hand was a proud moment for me as a coach, as was the precision with which they performed each rep. I saw a lot of sketchy range of motion and technique, but none from our three!
IMG 7525On her first day back to the box this past Tuesday, Jenny remarked how she was reviewing the video Roger took of that first WOD and saw how often she wasted time in between movements. “I could have put my ab mat a foot or two closer, I could have put the bar down quicker. It cost me a few seconds every time!” Never before had I seen her so critical of “the little things” that I talk about all the time. That day back in the box, she moved with purpose during the transitions, and her time showed. Lesson learned.
During the final event of the day, Megan was faced with an uncontrollable obstacle as she approached the pull-up rig: the number of people was too great for the stations available. An obvious design flaw on behalf of the organizers, Megan pushed through to the very end, determined not to let that beat her. She finished her burpees and the final lap around the track in what was a very long, drawn out day. While she was initially very emotional and upset at the close of the day, she later realized what an accomplishment it truly was to just get through that day. IMG 7535
After waiting until nearly the last heat of the day, Vince wrapped up his weekend by grinding through each movement in the chipper like he does on a daily basis in here. Something I hadn’t mentioned until now is that he was fighting against something else this weekend: the flu. The fact that he even showed up and competed is a testament to not only his love of CrossFit, but his love of competition. Never once did he talk about throwing in the towel.IMG 7557
All three competitors faced a very long day, but kept their heads up and pushed through, no matter the obstacles each of them faced.
For a group that was not accustomed to sitting outside under the sun all day, waiting hours between multiple WODs in a single day, they performed fantastically. Is that even a word?!
If you’d like to hear more about it, stop and ask one of them next time you’re in class with them. I know they’d love to talk about it!
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Next up to compete? Mark James. He’ll be attending the “Throwdown at the Pier” in St. Pete on February 16th – I encourage you all to go cheer him on. I’m sure he’ll put on a show!

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