That’s what we all want to see, progress. We come to the box to get better at something. We all have a goal, from losing weight or dead-lifting triple your body-weight and everything in between.
But to see that progress, we need to know where we came from. Do you remember your first CrossFit WOD? How it made you feel? What weight, scale, and progression you used?
Knowing where we came from, what we did in the past, gives us a starting point. It allows us to measure our progress.
It also makes you accountable to yourself. Sometimes we forget what we couldn’t or wouldn’t do when we first started. But if it’s laid out right there in front of you – you are forced to be accountable.
There are plenty of free apps for your smartphone where you can track your WOD stats, some of them even integrate into all your social networking sites.
Me though? I’m old-school. I want to write it down somewhere and flip back and forth to see my progress.
If you’re like me and want a book like that, you’re now in luck. We’ve got customized WOD Books available at the gym. I’m so proud of how well they turned out. Everything you could ask for is included in this book – benchmark WODs, Hero WODs, fundamental barbell movements, nutrition info, % conversion tables, a place for ALL your maxes (no more asking ‘what did I deadlift two weeks ago?!’) – even a place to log all your eating habits! Check out some interior pages below:
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Best part? They’re only twenty-five bucks.
Worst part? They’re almost sold out. First come, first served.
A. Skill:
Back Squat
1×3 @ 90%
1×3 @ 95%
1×1 @ 100%
2×1 @ 105%
4 Rounds for reps of –
2min AMRAP
20 split jumps
10 HR Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups
2min of ME UB Front Squat @ 70% 1RM
(this is 4 minutes of total work EACH round!)

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