People Hate Me…1/24/14

More times that I can count or remember, I’ve had people utter “I Hate You” on their way out of the box. Lord only knows the things that they say about me when they are out of ear shot…which as most of you know isn’t too far!
You know what though? I relish those moments.
Because the “I Hate You” is always said out of love. They utter it after a tough WOD. Something where I pushed them physically, mentally, and a lot of times – emotionally.
So I wear it like a badge of honor and consider it a job well done in terms of the WOD.
The reason I bring this up is to highlight the most recent adopter of the ‘I Hate Josh’ Lifestyle – Kaliym Islam. Most of you know him by now, even though he’s only been with us since December. If not, I encourage you to attend a class he’s in – I guarantee he’ll make you laugh quite a few times…usually at my expense!
A couple weeks ago, Kaliym took it up a notch when he showed up to the box with a t-shirt that had “I HATE JOSH” in big bold letters across it. I could not keep it together and was laughing hysterically during the ongoing class from across the room. He’s told me he wants to start selling them.
What does all this stuff have to do with the typical Friday Food-Day? Check out the picture below. This is my latest, and by far most proud “I Hate Josh” moment. Ever. As I said before, Kaliym started in December and is doing the TLC 2.0 with us currently. This picture represents the progress he’s made:

kaliymphoto e1390529935585
Kaliym: “Why I hate Josh”

My badge just got a bit bigger.
Kaliym, be proud of yourself – you are the one who has shown the consistency, dedication, and hard work that it takes to make such drastic changes. I am a proud coach – your coach.
Haters Gonna Hate!


A. Skill:

Bulgarian Split Squats – 4×10, heavier than last week


LAX Ball + Hip Flexor = Awesomness


It’s a Surprise – Ya Gotta Show Up!

people working out in a group fitness class


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