One Year…12/3/12

It’s OFFICIAL – today marks the one-year mark for our box! I could not be more proud of how far we’ve all come in what seems like such a short time. For those that have been with us from the beginning: Thank You from the bottom of my heart. If you’ve recently decided to join all us crazies: hang on, it’s going to be a wild and productive ride for you!
I also could not be more encouraged by where we’re headed in the future. We’re currently cooking up some exciting things behind the scenes that will expand our offerings and accelerate your results. In the immediate future here are some of the improvements you will be a part of:
1. More class times
2. Scheduled mobility entwined within our skill sessions
3. Monthly newsletter (check your inbox soon)
4. Focused blog posts throughout the week on a variety of health and fitness related topics (if you’ve got the writers bug and want to contribute something, stop by my office next time we’re in and we’ll talk!)
Now, in honor of our one-year mark I went back and looked up the very first WOD we did…here we go:
A. Skill:
7X1 Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Push Jerk – heavy but not maximal, rest 45 sec (exactly).
Front Rack – 4x45s
Push-UpsIMG 1638

people working out in a group fitness class


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