Not Sure If CrossFit Is For YOU? 2/5/14

Hey Gang,

For those that don’t know, we have a great way to integrate new people into our box. We first have them come to a complimentary intro session on Saturday. After that, we put them through our Foundations classes. All the information is available at this link. So, if you have someone that has asked you about CrossFit but they are unsure if it is for them (or maybe they think it’s too hard), have them give that a read and go from there. I’m always just a phone call, email, or text message away!


A. Skill:

15min to 8RM Thruster

(this should be lighter than last week’s 5RM)


Scap work w/ LAX Ball


12min AMRAP –

12 Continuous Front Squats

12 HR Push-Ups

Run 1 Lap

*Note: Continuous front squats are just squats that are done unbroken and without ANY pause at the top (or bottom) of the movement. So at the top, you must descend down immediately after your hips and knees reach full extension. No sitting at the bottom either. If you stop, pause, or drop the bar before all reps are completed you must start your reps all over.

IMG 9672
HAMILTON, there you are!!
people working out in a group fitness class


Talk with a coach to see if working out at Coaching For Glory is right for you.
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