Not Closed, Still Coaching

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur.

Last Friday, we decided to begin delivering our coaching service online for every single one of you. It was quite amazing if I’m being honest. We had our plan in place two weeks prior, and by last Friday more than a dozen members had already self-quarantined and pivoted to our remote coaching before we flipped the switch for the rest of you in less than 24 hours. If your replies (publicly and privately) are any indication, it’s safe to say that our team at CFG has done a remarkable job.

I do want to bring attention to one important thing – if you’ve noticed, none of our messaging has said that we are ‘Closed’ like so many others. This is of vital importance to me to say because we are NOT closed. You are receiving coaching, staying fit and healthy, and still taking positive steps toward your goals. You are reporting that you are getting more accountability, seeing results quicker, and having a lot of fun with the novelty of new workouts. Who knew bodyweight, or limited equipment workouts, could be so potent!

While COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for all of us (like being unable to meet at our physical location?), I’d love to highlight a few of the many bright spots I’ve seen come out of this difficult time:

  • As a community, far more people are out and about riding bikes, playing in their yards, and generally just walking about – great doses of Vitamin D abound!
  • The stories being told in our Private Members FB Group – this is odd, but I feel connected to even more of you these days as we share our workouts and silly happenings before/during/after them
  • People are discovering the stress relieving benefits of exercise much more directly. Deep down, we all know exercise delivers this, but the desire of folks to stay active right now is unprecedented. Movement really IS medicine.

You want to know the coolest thing I’ve seen though? The photos and videos of parents and kids working out together. With so many forced to stay at home, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. Instead, CFG members have gone a different direction and decided to be the example of what it means to lead a healthy life for their kids and their communities.

Resiliency really is a beautiful thing. Its in times of discomfort that this quality is toughened and its this reason that I know we will emerge from this situation even stronger.

So, what’s next? Simple – continue to stick by our side by staying active members at CFG.

We appreciate all of the support and ask only that you continue to do so as time moves forward. We’ve got a LOT of fun things planned in the coming weeks and are grateful for those that have, and continue to, support the CrossFit For Glory family during this time. I know we all want a gym to be able to return to when this thing is over with, and it’s your continued support of us that will make this possible.

God Bless,


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