More Details of New Place Inside…11/20/13

Ok gang, I suppose I’ve made you all wait long enough for a few more details. With that in mind, I want to roll out quite a few on tonight’s post. I will email you further information, but this should satiate you for the time being:

1. CrossFit Kids – we will be back up and running full swing as soon as we open the doors to the new joint. Tell your kiddos to get ready, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff in store for them!

2. High School Weightlifting – we will be piloting the ONLY FishHawk area high school weightlifting team. If you’ve got a high schooler who wants/needs to get better at their respective sport OR they just want to have fun getting in wickedly good shape, then we’ve got the place for them!

3. Showers – yes, you read that right, we will have SHOWERS! No need to worry about running home to shower to save face at Publix or Sweet Bay. Just bring your clothes and get it done at the box!

4. Nighttime Lighting – you effectively know what that means, right?! I suppose I should have said “morning-time” as well!

Well, that’s it for now. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information about #’s 1&2, we are SUPER excited to tell you more.
A. Skill:

IMG 2363
That is Jay and Monique front and center. And this was a SHALLOW portion of the mud!

1) Kip Practice using Hollow/Arch Position – 4x15s
2) Handstand Holds – 4x45s
Lying LAX T-Spine
Power Cleans (135/95)

people working out in a group fitness class


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