In case you missed out on the fun of doing 14.4 with us on Saturday morning, don’t worry – you still have a chance to do it today! We will have only ONE rower for the day, so plan wisely for when you come in! If you plan to go at the 6 o’clock hour, you can be assured of having a judge. If you plan to go during a regularly scheduled class, plan to warm-up on your own and line up a judge. For those that have aspirations of re-doing it (you bunch of psychos) – you will have to fill in between the people who are doing their first attempt as they have first dibs on times, etc.
Onto today’s WOD –
A. Skill:
12min to 3RM Push Press (go for something higher than the 5RM from two weeks ago)
Squat Therapy – facing wall, arms overhead and STRAIGHT
9min AMRAP –
10 Burpees Over the Bar
10 Thrusters @ 95/65
10 Burpees Over the Bar
10 Thrusters @ 115/75
10 Burpees Over the Bar
10 Thrusters @ 135/95
10 Burpees Over the Bar
10 Thrusters @ 155/115
…continuing going up by 20lb increments on the thrusters until time runs out!

photo 12 e1395623747341
First Heat on Saturday Getting It Started!!


people working out in a group fitness class


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